W44 – Wood Frame Scoreboard

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Eagle Scoreboards are built with a quality appearance, versatile user-friendly functionality, and durable material integrity. Just as golf equipment companies integrate the latest technology into golf clubs and golf balls, Eagle Scoreboard Systems products are much more than meets the eye.

Each scoreboard is made with a durable ceramic finish that is fused to magnetic steel on both sides. The boards weigh only 38 lbs. each. The ceramic finish is tinted a light beige color to eliminate glare. The use of permanent markers is recommended to avoid smudges. The unique surface design allows you to easily clean with an ammonia-based household cleaner like Krud Kutter (R) or a denatured alcohol cleanser.

On each side of the board are grid lines for writing in your scores. One side is designed for displaying 9, 18 and final scores for up to 108 players. The other side has grid lines for scoring all 18 holes plus the final score for up to 36 players.

The masterfully crafted oak frame comes with locking wheels for mobility. With durable laminated construction, these frames are made to last, whether using them inside or out. On the portable models, each board is attached individually. The sturdy spin latches snap firmly on the top and bottom of each board. The boards will then rotate sideways for ease of scoring and viewing. Brackets are also provided to hold boards in position.